Practice mixing makes perfect

What is

The idea is simple, you want to get better at mixing and are in desperate need of properly recorded tracks to work with. Well, we'll be providing those tracks.

We actually book studiotime with promissing bands in different genre's. We let that band record one rocking song and than we put those tracks online for you to mix. There will also be a friendly forum for our members to discuss the project.

No, we are no experts ourselves. We,also are in the process of mastering the craft of recording and mixing. We lacked this kind of project when we fist started out and we started booking studio sessions with the little savings we had to create a means of practice.

Now, we've had first hand proof on how much improvement we've noticed with our own mixes, so we decided to take this initiative to the public.

When are you getting live?

Well, that's the one million dollar question, isn't it?

Honestly, no clue yet. There's still a lot of ground to cover: legal issues, copyrights, financing, staff, webinterface,...
But this is a serious project and we would love to keep you updated of our progress.

Also, talk to us if you're having any ideas for this project. We need your input! Just use the contact form on this page.